Dear Readers,

I deeply appreciate the response to this piece as well as the opportunity to have been a part of this anthology. For a number of reasons, I will most likely not be publishing on Medium and encourage anyone who is interested in following my story to visit my site at where you can find my latest pieces as well as keep up with me via my social media links. A number of pieces are in the pipeline as well as a book. Thank you so much for such encouragement with my very first published piece. It changed everything for me.

In Gratitude,


I’m not cured, but I’m healing in mind, body and spirit

Art by Jessica Siao

November 2010. I had awoken like any other morning — late, swearing, and still stoned from the night before. But on this particular morning, I found myself pinned to my bed by a throbbing pain tearing through my body, too stiff to tremble. And it was only the beginning. Over the next three years, I would lose everything, in addition to my health — my partner, my career, my dreams — and gain only a caretaker and a grim diagnosis from a Harvard doctor: scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that promised to torment and destroy my every cell while I helplessly…


Mee-ok is an award-winning essayist and poet featured in the Netflix docuseries [Un]Well, LAT, Boston Globe, American Journal of Poetry. More at

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